Why Us


  • Limited options, depending upon the carpenter's resources.
  • Hand- made, thus lacks precision, finish and quality.
  • Lack of space management knowledge.
  • You have little or no control on the final product.
  • No guarantee ?? explain.
  • Finish of the product depends upon efficiency of the carpenter.
  • They turn your home as a workshop for a very long time.
  • No service after- sales.
  • In terms of money spend a cheaper option.
  • Limited and restricted designs only available.


  • Cabinets, mainly of particle board, does not suit Indian work styles or design preferences.
  • Limited options for internal accessories.
  • Replacements after sales service is very troublesome.
  • There is no customized unit.
  • Limited option for your color selection.
  • No guarantee ?.
  • In terms of money spend a cheaper option
  • Random size of wardrobes available, it will not suit your requirements